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11th Destroyer Flotilla
Active August 1915 – September 1945
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  Royal Navy
Size Flotilla
First Commodore James R. P. Hawksley
Ceremonial chief Captain Philip Louis Vian

The British 11th Destroyer Flotilla also known as the Eleventh Destroyer Flotilla was a naval formation of the Royal Navy from August 1915 to September 1945.


World War One

The 11th Destroyer Flotilla was formed in August 1915 and was assigned to the Grand Fleet. It was part of the British forces that took part in the Battle of Jutland [1] it remained with Grand Fleet until November 1918. Initially the formation consisted of 16 M class destroyers some of which were replaced later by R class destroyers. Through most of 1918 the flotilla was mainly using V and W-class destroyers [2] The flotilla was disbanded in March 1919 and would not reformed until briefly during the Interwar period.[3]

Interwar period

The flotilla was briefly reformed from 1 July 1935 to 30 August 1935 under the command of Captain Ernest R. Archer, (later Vice-Admiral).

Second World War

The flotilla was reformed in 1939 and was attached to the Plymouth Command until 1940 when its ships were dispersed among various escort groups. It was re-established again in August 1942 as part of the Mediterranean Fleet until January 1943. It was reassigned to the Indian Ocean area as part of the Battle Fleet of the Eastern Fleet until September 1945.[4]


Captains (D) afloat 11th Destroyer Flotilla

Incomplete list of post holders included:[5]

Rank Name Term Notes
Captain (D) afloat 11th Destroyer Flotilla
1 Commodore James R. P. Hawksley 1915 – 31 May 1916 later Vadm.
2 Captain Edward O. Gladstone 30 June 1916 – January, 1918
3 Captain Brien M. Money January, 1918 – 1 March 1919 later Vadm.
4 Captain Ernest R. Archer 1 July 1935 – 30 August 1935 later Adm.
5 Captain Philip L. Vian June, 1939 – 13 December 1939 later Adm. of the Fleet.


United Kingdom, Plymouth Command September 1939
11th Destroyer Flotilla

Division 21

Division 22



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