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11 Armoured Regiment
Active 1984 – present
Country India India
Allegiance India
Branch Flag of Indian Army.svg Indian Army
Type Armoured Corps
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) The Double First[1]
Sprocket Power Risala[2][3]
Motto(s) जीत ही जीत
‘Jeet-Hi-Jeet’ (Always Victorious)
Equipment T-72 tanks
Colonel of
the Regiment
Brig Praveen Chhabra[4]
Abbreviation 11 Armd Regt

11 Armoured Regiment is an armoured regiment of the Indian Army.


11 Armoured Regiment was raised on 07 May 1984 by Lieutenant Colonel HS Lamba at Kaluchak, Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir.[5] It has an all-India all-class composition, drawing troops from various castes and religions.[6]


The regiment is presently equipped with T-72 tanks.[7]

Regimental Insignia

The Regimental insignia consists of crossed lances with pennons, overlaid with the numeral "11" inside a sprocket at the crossing of the lances, mounted by an armoured fist and a scroll at the base with the regimental motto in Devanagari script.

The motto of the regiment is जीत ही जीत (Jeet-Hi-Jeet), which translates to ‘Always Victorious’.[8]


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