105th Aviation Brigade

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105th Aviation Brigade
105. vazduhoplovna brigada
Krajina Airforce Galeb G2.jpg
G-2 Galeb at Udbina airport
Active 1993 - 1995
Disbanded 1995
Country State Flag of Serbian Krajina (1991).svg Republic of Serbian Krajina
Branch Military of Serbian Krajina

The 105th Aviation Brigade (Serbo-Croatian language: 105. ваздухопловна бригада/105. vazduhoplovna brigada) was formed out of the disbanded Yugoslav 105th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment in the spring of 1993 by the Military of Serbian Krajina at Udbina Airport. Its accurate organization is unknown, and it's not exactly clear whether the brigade was part of Republika Srpska Air Force, because the aircraft had same roundels.

It consisted from at least one combat squadron nicknamed "Kobre" (Cobras - same as former 249th Squadron) and 56th Mixed Helicopter Squadron.

The brigade was equipped with 12 J-21 Jastreb light ground-attack aircraft, at least two G-2 Galeb trainer jets, 4 Soko Gazelle helicopters and 4 Gazelle Gama anti-tank helicopters, two Mil Mi-8T transport helicopters, one Antonov An-2 and number of Utva 66, Utva 75, J-20 Kraguj and Zlin Z-526 aircraft.

Aircraft from Udbina airport have took part in both wars in Croatia and Bosnia due the Republika Srpska Air Force aircraft at Banja Luka airport were enable to take of under the no-fly zone over Bosnia and Herzegovina. In several combats Gazelle Gama anti-tank helicopters were very effective destroying Croatian army tanks.[citation needed]

At the time of the Croatian Operation Storm most of aircraft in flying condition have retreated to Banja Luka. Transport helicopters have performed their last evacuation flights. By the fall of the Republic of Serbian Krajina in summer 1995 and the defeat of Military of Serbian Krajina the 105th Aviation Brigade ceased to exist.

Commander of brigade was Ratko Dopuđa.[1]

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