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The 102nd Rifle Division was a military formation of the Red Army which participated in the Second World War. It was listed as part of the active army from July 2 - September 19, 1941.


The division was formed in the summer of 1939 at Kachinskoye in the Siberian Military District. In March 1940, the 67th Rifle Corps was formed in the Kharkov Military District. The corps consisted of the 102nd, 132nd, and 151st Rifle Divisions, the 194th separate Sapper Battalion and 207th separate Communications Battalion. Corps headquarters were stationed in Poltava.

In June 1941, the 102 Rifle Division received a 5450 completion of assigned staff person.

On 22 June 1941, the division was stationed in Kremenchug is June 28 to march on Chernigov. On 1 August 1941, BSSA lists the division as part of the 67th Rifle Corps, 21st Army, part of the Bryansk Front. In August, the division was destroyed, surrounded in the Gomel area.

The division was recreated at Chimkent in the Central Asian Military District in January 1942. James Goff writes that the new division was reformed from the briefly active 462nd Rifle Division, which was only active 22 December 1941 – 1 February 1942 before being redesignated the 102nd (Second Formation).[1]

Again recreated from Far East NKVD Division at Khabarovsk June 1942, and joined 70th Army. Fought at Demyansk, Kursk, and in Belorussia. With 48th Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front May 1945.

According to V.I. Feskov et al., the 102nd Rifle Division ceased to exist circa September 1945.[2]


  • Hutz, Porfiry Martynovych - Colonel ( 1 July 1940 - 17 July 1941)
  • Chernyugov, Spyridon S. - Colonel ( July 18 - September 19, 1941)


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