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10th Regiment of Mechanized Cavalry Insignia

The 10th Regimento de Cavalaria Mecanizada (10º R C Mec In English: 10th Regiment of Mechanized Cavalry) Is a unit of Brazilian Army located in the city of Bela Vista, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The military organization is subordinate to Military Command of West, Belonging to 9th Military Region and Ruled by the 4ª Brigada de Cavalaria Mecanizada (Fourth brigade of Mechanized Cavalry).


Originally the Company of Cavalry of Mato Grosso, founded in 1839, with headquarters in Cuiaba, was responsible for providing security to small clusters of villages originating from the old inns of the pioneers and keep possession of the land, currently under expansion.

The occupation of Mato Grosso was slow and sometimes there were foreign incursions into the area, particularly south of the province.

This determined the change of the headquarters of the unit several times to meet the required military presence in the hinterlands of Mato Grosso do so, and while they changed the names of the force of Cavalry.

By the time the unit was called 1st Corps of Cavalry of Mato Grosso and was stationed in the village of Nioaque, near the border region of Baixo Pantanal , there was a campaign of Mato Grosso, in the Paraguayan War, where the Regiment participated under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Jose Antonio Dias da Silva.

In this episode, was detached from the 1st Corps 1st Lieutenant Anthony John Ribeiro, commander of the Military of Dourados and Cologne in December 1864 that fulfilled its historic role of precedence over the foreign invasion.

In 1866, under the name of the 1st Corps of the cavalry hunters (In Brazilian Portuguese: 1º Corpo de Caçadores à Cavalo), joined the column held in Rio de Janeiro to face Paraguayan invasion. On occasion, the unit was commanded by Captain Pedro Rufino.

On December 10, 1906, now with the designation of the 7th Light Cavalry Regiment, and occupied its current premises in Bela Vista.

Due to its historical past , the Army granted on December 30, 1938 , the then 10th Cavalry Regiment Independent, the standard and the historical name of " John Anthony Regiment . "

In 1985 he received its current name of the 10thRegiment of Mechanized Cavalry

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