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The 1º Batalhão de Forças Especiais (First Battalion of Special Forces, BFEsp) is the Brazilian main special forces. subordinated only to the Bda Op Esp that is the junction of all Brazilian Special Forces.


The 1st of BFEsp Brazilian Army Composed of Commands and Special Forces was officially established on 1 November 1983

Insignia of BFesp

, but its origin dates back to 1957. That year a group of officers and sergeants paratroopers, using the doctrine of Special Forces and Ranger American, formed the first Brazilian specialists in Special Operations. Among the main tasks are: combat irregular forces, counter-terrorism operations, search, find and attack strategic targets, recognition and most diverse stock of commands behind enemy lines. For those who aspire to integrate BFEsp is needed, plus excellent physical and psychological preparation, conducting the courses and the Special Forces Command, delivered at the headquarters of the battalion in Rio de Janeiro. The first lasts 16 weeks, where the student environment with the operating conditions in various regions of the country as forest, savanna and mountains, trained in swimming, arms, ammunition and shooting techniques, sabotage, explosives and destruction evasion and close combat. The second course, lasting 25 weeks, aims to make them specialists in the techniques of guerrilla warfare, subversion, infiltration, exfiltration, intelligence and psychological operations, to be used against revolutionary movements or a war of resistance against an enemy of higher power fire. There are also courses Hunters (sniper) and Diving Operations.

The uniform of members of the 1st BFEsp is the Brazilian Army camouflage pattern, but depending on the mission are used special uniform, assault vests and night vision equipment. His arsenal consists of pistols personal Imbel (mod.M1911A1), Taurus and Glock (mod. 17:21) Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine Including the SD model with noise suppressor, Surge assault rifle FAL 7.62 mm. For fire support have French Commando mortars of 60 mm, 81 mm L16 British and Belgian FN MAG machine gun 7.62 mm. To use anti-car and used against fortified positions are the AT4 rocket launcher 84 mm recoilless cannon and Carl-Gustaf M3 in the same caliber, both of Swedish origin. The commandos are trained in handling and use of weapons and equipment that are not part of the official appropriation of the EB, in order to take advantage of war materiel captured or abandoned by the enemy.

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